Do You Know?

SalesCatcher stores report that over 80% of their online traffic come from mobile devices. With e-commerce platforms claiming that nearly 50% of their conversions happen over mobile devices and smartphones, a mobile-first approach would be the next best step for you.

Why SalesCatcher?

It's Simple.

SalesCatcher offers Ecommerce and Shopify stores a mobile platform that is simple, powerful and customizable, and requires absolutely no coding knowledge. With features and integrations handpicked to elevate your store’s performance, SalesCatcher is the best mobile app builder on Shopify today!

Engaging Push Notifications

Minimize cart abandonment and recapture your customers by automating rich and personalized push notifications.

Advanced Analytics

Keep track of your mobile app audience. Analyse user Behavior for effective retargeting and conversions.

AI Personal Shopper

Suggest products based on user Behavior and history, from the customers’ own AI personal shopper.


Deliver the perfect omni-channel experience by integrating your mobile app with 40+ existing platforms for product filters, reviews, analytics, chat and more.

Blynk Live Selling

Live videos on your Facebook pages and mobile app simultaneously! Leverage your customers’ impulse shopping behavior and watch your revenue grow 3x in no time.

The platform comes with a bunch of innovative features like Auto-invoicing, Barcode scanning and Dynamic Product Selection that would make the entire experience absolutely seamless!