How does it work?

Never Struggle to fill your Sales Pipeline Again !

Our intelligent bots utilize Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) to access, view, and analyze buyback opportunities. It’s like having a salesperson with a 100% strike rate, looking at every vehicle, booking out every car with accurate vehicle info, checking it history to find any previous or current issues, and then engaging the customer with a friendly outreach to gauge buyback opportunity.

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Not Your Average Lead Conversion Platform

Accessing RO Data

The RPA workflow allows the bot to access the Repair Order in your CRM or DMS while the AI enables it to read and comprehend the data with utmost effeciency.

Are you leaving $$$ on the table?

Our AI-driven bot performs an end-to-end evaluation of service drive customers and automatically engages them via text to see if they are interested in a trade-in evaluation

Buy Back Bot makes it possible to provide quotes based on the availability of the model, requirements of customer, and the minimum time in which the car can be made available, i.e. reduce the average quote response time to 30 minutes.

AI Powered Workflow

AI powered Workflow

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